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Loveliest of Trees

Cherry tree outside my window.

Cherry tree outside my window.

More than anything else, I have photographed a single cherry tree. The tree stands right out my office window. Every year it blossoms, and every year I take a photograph. With the first photo, I was young. Now I am not. The tree remains.

Loveliest of Trees

A. E. Housman - 1859-1936

Loveliest of trees, the cherry now

Is hung with bloom along the bough,

And stands about the woodland ride

Wearing white for Eastertide.

Now, of my threescore years and ten,

Twenty will not come again,

And take from seventy springs a score,

It only leaves me fifty more.

And since to look at things in bloom

Fifty springs are little room,

About the woodlands I will go

To see the cherry hung with snow.